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About Filmapalooza

Filmapalooza, the annual Awards Festival of the 48 Hour Film Project, features Award Winning films from around the world.

In addition to the 48 Hour Best Films from 70 cities, the screenings include winners of the 48×2 Animation Project, the Four Points Film Project and the Global Film Challenge!

New This Year: The 48 Indie Film Summit features film workshops presented by industry experts who cover every topic in the filmmaking process.

From writing and budgeting to editing and distribution. Wherever you are in filmmaking, you will find this information to be invaluable to your filmmaking career.

Industry Workshops
20 Workshops and Panels including:
  • Demystifying the Film Scoring Process
  • Distribution in US and International Markets
  • Production in the Pandemic: Safe Set Practices Panel
  • Storyboarding and Shot Selection:
  • and many more
Award Winning Short Films

Stream all the shorts with one ticket!

  • 72 City Winning Films
  • 48×2 Animation Winner
  • Four Points Film Project Winner
  • Global Film Challenge Winner
Networking Events
Connecting Filmmakers from Around the World!
  • Daily Networking Mixers
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • 48 Scavenger Hunt
  • Film Trivia Quiz
Annual Awards Ceremony
Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Official Red Carpet
  • City Winner Recognition
  • 20 Global Awards
  • Grand Champion: Best 48 Hour Film of 2020
  • Who’s Going to Cannes?
Some of our Amazing Speakers!
Actor / Influencer
Founder & President
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An in depth discussion with three 48 Hour Film Project alumni actors of varying ages, experience and training backgrounds from across the United States, who found themselves on very different individual journeys leading them to Hollywood, finding successful work in television, film, voiceovers, commercials and web series. 


Covering a wide variety of topics, from theatre and improv comedy roots and working in entry level production roles, to the importance of training and honing your craft, finding representation, booking the job, preparing for the role, networking and social media’s impact on your career. 


Join Angela DiMarco and David S. Hogan of Mighty Tripod Productions for a chat about their journey from producing award winning short films for the 48 Hour Film Project, to making independent feature length films that receive distribution.

Emmy Award winning Television Producer and multi-award winning Filmmaker, Carl Hansen, guides you through the nuts and bolts of the budgeting process to give you concrete tools to take into your filmmaking. No matter how large or small your project, you must create a budget for yourself and for your investors.


Join us for a discussion with 4 professional filmmakers from various U.S. locations from the film, TV and corporate/commercial industry, who have quickly pivoted to tackle new Covid 19 compliance and safe set protocol duties during the 2020 pandemic. We dive into a discussion of topics ranging from the new normal of safety protocols for resuming production, to the difficulties of enforcement and the challenges of constantly changing guidelines. We also take a peek into specific departmental (HMU/catering…etc.) challenges, contract tracing, what production looks like in the future with the pandemic, and pathways for filmmakers who are interested in certifications and work as CCO’s. Moderated by our 48 Hour Film Project San Diego City Producer, filmmaker and registered nurse Robyn Sarvis, this is a very important and timely discussion packed full of valuable information that you will not want to miss.

According to the World Health Organization  (WHO) 15% of the world’s population, or an estimated 1 billion people, live with some form of disability. A disability can be a physical, cognitive, sensory, mental health, chronic pain or other condition that is a barrier to everyday living. With 1-in-4 adults in the U.S. having a disability, they are the largest minority group. The disability community cuts across all other groups and is the only minority group that you can join at any point your life. 


According to Nielsen, with a trillion dollar gap in the market, the need for inclusion and best practices in media has never been more important. Join us for a very timely and insightful discussion into topics of inclusion and hiring of cast and crew behind and in front of the camera and accessibility for both on set, to the elevation of writing stories and creating content with inclusion over all forms of media, not only in film, but for television, broadcast, digital, corporate and commercial content. 


Our esteemed panel of speakers includes; Actor/Model and disability advocate Danny J Gomez, Author, Actor and Founder of the Diva’s With Disabilities project, Dr. Donna Walton; and award winning filmmaker and diverse storyteller of original content for broadcast, digital and film, Nasreen Alkhateeb.  This panel will be moderated by Tatiana Lee, an award-winning actress, international model and Hollywood influencer. She serves as a Hollywood Inclusion Associate at RespectAbility.


ASL interpreters and closed captioning will be provided.


More on RespectAbility- 


Led by diverse people with disabilities, RespectAbility’s Hollywood Team partners with studios and writers’ rooms to create equitable and accessible opportunities to increase the number of people with lived disability experience throughout the overall story-telling process. These initiatives increase diverse and authentic representation of disabled people on screen, leading to systemic change in how people view and value people with disabilities.


We invite you to receive our weekly newsletter on disability inclusion and equity in the entertainment industry. Sign up here.



Join our panel of international distributors as they discuss: Sales Agents, Distributors, the Festival Circuit, Film Markets, and more.  Get their insights on getting your film on Netflix or Amazon.  

The famous "master of suspense," director Alfred Hitchcock compared himself to the abstract painter Paul Klee, and insisted that he thought "only on that white screen that has to be filled up the way you fill up a canvas"--that is, with images that told the story. This presentation will focus on some of Hitchcock's compelling imagery, especially his use of works of art to tell his suspenseful tales.  


EPIC SFX is made up of two professional make-up artists with a deep and unrelenting passion for special fx make-up: Meet Mariska and Jedida!  They have extensive experience in providing makeup and edgy SFX artistry for films and Halloween scare events in the Netherlands. They have found the secret sauce to their success by combining their strengths-which allows their creativity to flow, with no limit to what they can achieve! From monsters, to elves, to bloody wounds, you name it, they have most likely done it! As a start up company rapidly gaining a following in the industry, they are very passionate about growing their skills, stock content, and their ability to share that all with you! Join this talented duo for this unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of some of their best techniques and undeniable artistry.  


In this chat, Diana Dotter will bring to bear her extensive experience as a television and film executive to break down and demystify that most daunting of filmmaking mountains, "The Pitch". At the end of this seminar attendees will feel more confident in their ability to "read the room" and give the pitch that will best support the prospects of their project.

"Independent" is often defined as "with limited financing." Join independent artist/filmmaker, Gevin Booth, as he discusses the challenges and unexpected benefits an Art Department may encounter when forced to work with a low (or no) budget. The goal is to create and earn mad props!



Get a crash course in blood and guts with cheap, readily available items! Looking to make your first horror movie or just want to simulate your friend’s murder? Learn how to be lethal using items from your local bodega! Featuring FX secrets and exclusive gore recipes from award-winning Director and FX maestro Doug Sakmann! 


Learn how to slash with success learning tricks in the following topics: 


Fake Blood Techniques- Making edible blood, thick blood &other bodily fluids .


Vegan Gore Methods-Using starches and sweeteners to cook up some tasty and effective multi-use gore pastes and realistic innards. 


Carnivore Gore Procedure- Making hyper-realistic gore using the real stuff! 


The fine art of faux disembowelment- Cut someone open & apart without actually killing them! 


Body fluid propulsion- How to get the blood flowing! 


Crush a human head- Safe and effective using melons and pancake syrup! 


Advanced decapitation and dismemberment techniques! 




The seminar will feature clips from Sakmann’s projects that highlight each of the effects being used in different ways. Topics will also include the best methods of filming FX techniques to maximize the impact of the gore without revealing strings behind the illusions.


The main plot can only take you so far. Every story must have subplots. But subplots are not random events and filler added to a script just to hit a page mark. That creates an erratic story which will be lambasted by the film community and your peers. Subplots are designed from the bottom up to properly support and reinforce your stories theme, concept, and characters. That is why mastering subplots is essential to create meaningful content which adds depth to a story. This seminar will breakdown the main plot of a film as well as the proper subplots to utilize and how they intersect with each other throughout a story.




For more info and to receive a copy of his eBook: The Successful Screenwriter

There are fewer things more stressful than trying to write a script for the 48 Hour Film project; the time limits and the genres and the prescribed elements can make it feel like you are limited in the stories that you can tell. This couldn't be further from the truth. You all have stories to tell that are important to you, things you want to talk about, places you want to go and characters you want to see. By knowing how your own stories and experiences can influence and strengthen your writing, no amount of restrictions, time, budgetary, personnel or otherwise, can stop you from writing scripts that are urgent, important, relatable and true. In this workshop I will talk about how to find your stories and your voice and how to channel both into writing amazing and award winning scripts, no matter how big or small your production.


Sound completes the cinematic illusion, turning a series of shots into a true cinematic experience. Dave Howe has spent decades working in Hollywood and Seattle putting the finishing touches on commercials, music videos, television shows, short and feature films. Through this chat, his experience working with the most generous and painfully meager budgets gives him a keen insight on how to Make The Most Of Your Post Audio Buck and help you bring your project to true cinematic life.


In this interactive workshop, you'll learn how when to use key shot types in your film, how to select and set up shot angles, and how to put all these into a sequence. You'll also learn how to build a shot list, and create basic storyboards even if you can't draw. All viewers will get a free 3-month subscription to Previs Pro for iPhone and iPad.

The film industry boasts a contingent of phenomenal female directors and producers doing amazing and important work.  Join us for a discussion with 5 award winning and emerging female filmmakers that are changing the future of film.  Covering topics from diversity and community in casting/crew,accessibility and sustainability on set, to emerging voices and alternate forms of media, we tap into these filmmaker’s visions for the future of film, and the important stories they feel compelled to tell. 

TL Westgate, 6 time 48 Hour City Winner, goes over editing tips and tricks learned the hard way from doing 14 city events in the 48 Hour Film Project.  TL is a full-time editing instructor at the LA Film School.  What you learn in this workshop could save your next 48 Hour film!


An interview with colorist, editor and VFX artist Jeff Olm. Jeff has worked on some of our favorite films, such as: Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers and Titanic. He's going to chat with us about post-production on indie films and 48 films, being on set location for The Revenant and working on Hollywood blockbusters. With over 35 years of experience in post-production, this is going to be an hour you don't want to miss!


In this intensive webinar I will show you exactly how I funded multiple film projects through crowdfunding including a £30,000 short film. I'll discuss the essential steps to a successful campaign including how to create the perfect pitch, build your audience and find your backers. This webinar is suitable for anyone who is considering launching a campaign, in the middle of a campaign that's not going as planned, or simply for people who want to learn more about the process.

You know him as Wags in “Billions” and Gale in “Breaking Bad”.  Dave Costabile has done it all--Broadway, films, television.  He sits down with the creator of the 48 Hour Film Project, Mark Ruppert, to talk about his path to a successful acting career and to offer advice to up and coming actors.

“The In-Betweens” by Marky Hinojosa is the winning script in the second annual 48 Feature Script Project.  This workshop will look at several scenes from the script and hear them performed by actors.  The goal of this workshop is to teach you the in’s and out’s of a successful table read.

Four filmmakers who got their start with the 48, discuss how they used that experience to go on to make feature films and direct television shows. Between them, they have made 12 feature films and their work has won festivals and appeared on Showtime, the Movie Channel, Hulu and Netflix. The panel will give you insights into different ways of achieving your filmmaking goals. Each filmmaker will share his or her path to success.

The scoring process for a film can be daunting. This panel is made up of 3 amazing and award winning composers representing a wide base of experience from film, television, and live performance scoring, to games, web series and commercial content.  Join us for an in depth discussion of when and why you should hire a composer, how to find one, how to talk to them about your project or giving feedback when you don't know musical terms.  Covering topics ranging from the workflow for scoring your project, to budgeting for a composer, we hope to help demystify the process and remove the stress of scoring your next film.

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International Connections!

The 48 Filmmaking Community spans the globe.

Filmapalooza provides the opportunity for filmmakers to meet and network. Through a series of different events, you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know likeminded creatives. In addition to traditional networking events, you’ll join a group to experience a Virtual Escape Room and compete in the 48 Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

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