Beyond the 48: Corporate Filmmaking Pathways

Join us for a series of short Q & A sessions with 3 of our most successful 48 Hour Filmmakers from around the globe who credit their 48 Hour filmmaking experiences with their successes in creating corporate content and storytelling for larger companies like IBM, Amazon and Funko to name a few.

Full of advice and tips for how to create a path for yourself as a filmmaker to secure corporate work, or build your own successful business as a filmmaker while exercising your creation filmmaking chops, this is the perfect workshop for you. 

Presenters include David Avila from Austin, Texas, Dima Levanchuk from Seattle, Washington and Marc Eikelenboom from the Netherlands.

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David Avila
Dima Levanchuk
Marc Eikelenboom
Writer / Director
  • Start Date
    March 20, 2021 12:01 pm
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