Epic SFX Make-up Workshop

EPIC SFX is made up of two professional make-up artists with a deep and unrelenting passion for special fx make-up: Meet Mariska and Jedida! 

They have extensive experience in providing makeup and edgy SFX artistry for films and Halloween scare events in the Netherlands.

They have found the secret sauce to their success by combining their strengths-which allows their creativity to flow, with no limit to what they can achieve! From monsters, to elves, to bloody wounds, you name it, they have most likely done it!

As a start up company rapidly gaining a following in the industry, they are very passionate about growing their skills, stock content, and their ability to share that all with you!

Join this talented duo for this unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of some of their best techniques and undeniable artistry. 

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Jedida Sarfaty & Mariska Kuijper
Make up Artists
  • Start Date
    March 19, 2021 12:01 am
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