Supermarket SPFX: Gory and effective movie magic for low budget filmmakers!

Get a crash course in blood and guts with cheap, readily available items! Looking to make your first horror movie or just want to simulate your friend’s murder? Learn how to be lethal using items from your local bodega! Featuring FX secrets and exclusive gore recipes from award-winning Director and FX maestro Doug Sakmann! 

Learn how to slash with success learning tricks in the following topics: 

  • Fake Blood Techniques- Making edible blood, thick blood &other bodily fluids .
  • Vegan Gore Methods-Using starches and sweeteners to cook up some tasty and effective multi-use gore pastes and realistic innards. 
  • Carnivore Gore Procedure- Making hyper-realistic gore using the real stuff! 
  • The fine art of faux disembowelment- Cut someone open & apart without actually killing them! 
  • Body fluid propulsion- How to get the blood flowing! 
  • Crush a human head- Safe and effective using melons and pancake syrup! 
  • Advanced decapitation and dismemberment techniques! 


The seminar will feature clips from Sakmann’s projects that highlight each of the effects being used in different ways. Topics will also include the best methods of filming FX techniques to maximize the impact of the gore without revealing strings behind the illusions. 

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Doug Sakmann
  • Start Date
    March 19, 2021 12:01 am
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