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    Danny J. Gomez is a professional actor/model based in Los Angeles, California.  Since 2018, he has acted in award-winning films and multiple television shows, including NBC’s hit series “New Amsterdam.”  He has appeared in national advertisements for Target, Facebook, and Zappos. 

    In 2019, Danny was awarded the “Person With Determination” male winner of Model Hunt’s international model search-- a worldwide competition with more than 700+ total applicants.


    However, his achievements have not come without adversity.  In 2005, Danny lost his Louisiana home to Hurricane Katrina.  And in 2016, he almost died in a mountain biking accident-- an event that left him paralyzed from the waist down.  While that accident reset and shifted his life, it also introduced him to his life’s passion and commitment to advocacy.  


    After relearning basic life skills at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, he became an ambassador for the non-profit Triumph Foundation, connecting the local community to fun activities like wheelchair sports.  Each year he is an active participant in the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge, raising awareness for better representation for disabled actors in Hollywood.

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