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    TL Westgate was born in Michigan, but settled in Florida as his home starting in the fifth grade. As a graduate from Florida State University, he has worked in the video production industry for over 25 years and won several industry awards (Emmy, Telly, Marcom).

    He has been a prolific filmmaker since 2010 and his films have played in festivals around the world and won several awards. His first city win in the 48 Hour Film Project was in Orlando in 2013. Since then, he has won the city title in Jacksonville and Tampa, often collaborating with Dale Metz. In total, TL has won 6 times while participating in 14 events. He also enjoys photography and has two adult sons. He currently teaches at the Los Angeles Film School.

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March 20, 2021
Editing: What I’ve Learned from the 48 TL Westgate, 6 time 48 Hour City Winner, goes over editing tips and tricks learned the hard way from doing 14 city events in the 48 Hour Film Project.  TL is a full-time...